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A Designer Should Break The Rules Or Not?


The most challenging part of being a designer is finding your style. While scrolling down through social media, one can appreciate a specific design style, but the truth is to figure out your style is considerably more challenging than in theory because there are tons of steps to follow to achieve it. I think how should be an ideal design style is the fun part. The first step one must take is mastering colleagues’ works, styles, and conditions within the time they live. Meanwhile, you’ll be pleased with the experience and knowledge.



Let’s go through an example of Swiss Design known as the International Typographic Style. What is the reason behind its popularity? Designers struggled to give meaning to World War 2 and the resemblance with our beloved design style: Bauhaus. How to recognize whether a design style is Swiss or not? The answer to the question can summarize with three simple concepts: clean, minimalist, and bold fonts. Swiss design’s motto is that the shapes keep pace with the function.



Long story short, it is possible that an advanced designer can break the rules and create his style even though all design styles have their own rules. The most crucial point is not being an imposter. If you are new and do not know where to start, you can adopt an existed style. The wrong thing is being afraid to find your style and live behind the existed design styles. I want to conclude with a famous quote by Picasso ” Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist.”




Sena Özkan / Jr. UX/UI Designer