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Creating Custom Labels via Merchant Center

For Google Ads Shopping Campaigns or Performance Max campaigns filtering products and using your most wanted products are essential prospects. By classifying Shopping Ads, you can filter your Merchant Center feed’s products by their specific qualifications, seasonality, and price range.  The main question is how to do so. Let’s dig in together!

  • The first step is to go to the feed which already exists on Merchant Center and mostly used on ads.


  • We initiate the feed rules process by choosing it.


  • After creating a new rule the condition is determined. Progress has been made by the price of this example. We arrange and save as “Test 1” products whose price range is between 0-50.





  • In this phase, after adding a new source, we repeat the first process. This time we preferred the arranged products whose price range is between 50-500. And, save it as “Test 2”.



  • The last step is to test the rule and analyze the results to see if the alteration we made works or not.


  • After making sure that the changes work, you can observe and use the filters made by coming to the custom label you have chosen while creating the shopping campaigns on Google or filtering your products from your existing campaigns.


  • This custom labeling is not just for price; You can specify it through many variables such as product type, title, link. As an example, you can see similar labels below.



  • With all these processes, you can group your products and use the products you have grouped with different variations via Google Ads.

I hope the process I’ve been telling during this blog works for you!

Until the next time,

Good luck!



Oğuz Bilgiç / Performance Marketing Specialist