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Using Table Tags for Page Descriptions

Search engines try to make sense of the pages they scan while they crawl and index them in their indexes. While search engines are crawling and indexing the pages, they also pay attention to the HTML codes that make up the page.

Features such as the <title> tag to help create a title on the SERP and the <p> tags to specify the texts for the page are effective in the rich snippets and featured snippets of the <table>.

Using Table Tag On Page

When the <table> tag utilizes in the product descriptions on the product detail pages, the results listed on the Google SERP reflect the data inside the <table> on the page.

Note: Using the <table> tag will not generate a specific rich snippet display on the search results page which is Google’s decision.

Table Tag in Source Code

Product information table on product detail page created using <table>, <tbody>, <tr> and <td> tags.

Product Detail Table

Reflection of Data in Table Label to Zero Position

World's Most Valuable Brands

It reflects the data displayed on the page using the table tag to the SERP as Google zero position.

A/B Tests on SERP

Constantly making A/B testing on Google SERP shows different results to users. For examples below, we see that the table tag used on the page shows different results to other users for the same page.

Zero Position Featured Snippet Image with Table Label

Real Time Billionare

Rich Snippets Image with Table Tag

Real Time Billionare

Note: Featured snippets display a direct response for the user, while rich snippets provide enriched data.

Mert Can / SEO Specialist