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What’s in a SERP? Google Search Results You Need To Know

SERP also known as the Search Engine Results Page gives search engine users the best results for their queries.

You can access more than one website through the search query page and you may have coincidence features that allow you to directly reach the query results you are looking for.

The SERP, which Google constantly enriches to improve the user search experience, has multiple features.



One of the crucial features that we commonly encounter in SERP features is site links.

Sitelinks allow users to directly access the content of other pages of the site as well as the home page.

So, Google shows four site links to popular pages on websites.



People Also Ask

Another popular feature that is used often on search results pages is the Users Also Ask feature.

This feature can be found anywhere on the query results page and usually presents the user with the first five questions related to the relevant keyword.

In this way, Google allows you to access other questions and answers that may be related to the subject you want to receive information about. To get the answer, simply click on the question and the answer will be listed under the question practically.



Open Graph

Open Graph provides information about public figures, institutions, and various popular terms.

It is usually located on the right side of the search query results page.




Google usually offers the images feature when the query can be the best answer in a visual form, or when the user wants visual results.

Images feature can be located anywhere on the search results page.




Google usually offers the video feature when the user wants video results.

The videos feature can be located anywhere on the search results page.



Local Packs

Local businesses allow us to reach the location results of local businesses in your area. It is also a SERP feature that allows you to access detailed information such as their location on the map and opening and closing times.

You can add this feature to your website with local business structured data and create it through the Google My Business panel.



Featured Snippets

The featured snippet feature usually appears at the top of the SERPs. It presents a portion of the content of one of the best results.

To understand that a result is a featured snippet, you can look at the bottom right corner of the result, it is indicated by Google as a featured snippet.

Featured snippets can be reflected in three different ways: text, list, and table.





Instant Answers

The instant answer is a SERP feature that allows us to directly reach the result of the query without the need for any site on the search results page.

It usually provides solutions to many common questions such as dates of special days, daily weather, and current time information.


Top Places

Top places is a feature that directly lists and promotes places to visit in a location on the search results page.




When a keyword is queried in a different language to the search engine, it opens directly in the first place. It is a Google translate feature that automatically performs the translation.

With this tool, you can translate between any two languages you want. Google Translate is a tool that constantly evolves as it is used by users.

In the current state of the Google Translate feature, we also see a visual explanation of the translated word.




The converter feature is usually a SERP feature used to convert one unit to another.

The queried keyword is presented to the user as a direct answer and you don’t need to click on any site.




The calculator feature is the SERP feature that performs all transaction calculations that the user queries in the search engine.

These queries give the result directly to the user without the need to click on any site.




The dictionary feature is a feature that gives detailed information about the keyword you typed into the search engine, such as the dictionary equivalent of the language you use, the meanings of metaphors and adjectives, and common usage patterns.



Google is constantly updating the SERP in order to make the search engine more practical for users and increase the user experience.

Therefore, it is very important to examine the SERP in detail and be aware of the updates while making a query.

It would be a good suggestion not to work on some queries, especially those with a direct answer feature.

Because if you create a page for a query that yields results with Google’s direct answer feature, it won’t be surprising if you don’t get traffic or lose the traffic you get.

Fatma Kuzu / Jr. SEO Specialist